How To Install Curtain Rod Brackets Into Wall Or Ceiling

How To Install Curtain Rod Brackets: Into Wall Or Ceiling?

Are you confused where to install the curtain rod; into wall or ceiling? Curtains are an easy and wonderful way to bring an aesthetic appeal to your space. In order to add privacy and style to your room, you need to install the curtains correctly. In this post, we have mentioned how to install curtain rod brackets. Have a look!

Decide The Location Of The Curtain

There are two choices, you can install the curtain rod onto the ceiling or wall. If you want to make the room appear taller, then you can install the curtain rod brackets on the ceiling. It is better to use a ceiling mount if you are having trouble finding the studs that bear the weight of the curtain. You can place the bracket on the ceiling joists that are located above the window. This will be capable of providing the support you need to install the curtain rod.

Irrespective of the mount you decide, here is the right way to install the curtain rod brackets.

Mark The Area

After you have decided the position of the curtain rod, you need to take measurements and mark it. It is advised that the height must be 2 to 4 inches high from the window. In case of ceiling mount, you will need to mark the location on the ceiling.

Testing The Ceiling or Wall

The next step is to test the wall or ceiling by knocking on the end of the drawn line. This to make sure you have marked the area on the wooden frame. In case the wall or ceiling makes a solid sound, you will be able to install the rod with screws. If the sound is hollow, then you must install anchors. You can even use a stud finder to figure out whether the wall or ceiling is strong enough for the rod without anchors.

Starter Hole

Once you have finalized the position, you can punch a starter hole using an awl.

Installing Anchor

You can use the toggle bolts to make sure it is secure to hold curtains. With a screw, secure the metal wall anchor in each hole. You can even use a power drill for installing an anchor. If you are installing directly into the wood, you can skip this step.

Mounting The Brackets

The next step will be mounting the brackets. You must hold the bracket on the starter hole. In case you installed an anchor, then you should hold the bracket over the anchor. The bracket will have two holes, you have to place the top hole of the bracket on the anchor or starter hole.

If you don’t have any help, you can use masking tape to hold the bracket in place. This will make it easy to mount the bracket.

Attaching Rod Brackets

Then, you must screw the brackets to the wall or the ceiling using the attached hardware. You can remove the tape after you have screwed the brackets. It is recommended to test the hold of the brackets before you install the curtains.

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