Curtain Rod Or Rail, Which One Is Better

Curtain Rod Or Rail, Which One Is Better?

One of the most difficult tasks when installing a curtain is to choose between curtain rail or rod. The purpose of curtain rail and rod is ultimately the same; the only difference is in style. A curtain rod is mostly used if you want to bring an elegant touch to your space. It will add a decorative appeal to the window. On the other hand, curtain rail is blended into the wall or is concealed by the curtain.

Having a challenging time deciding which one to choose? In this article, we have mentioned the pros and cons of both the rail and rod. Take a look and decide which one is better for you.

Curtain Rods

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of using curtain rods.


  • Since it is for decorative purposes, the curtain rod is usually made of metal, wood, and plastic. They are exposed to the view and complement the curtains. At the end of the rods, finials are used. These are ornamental end-stops that prevent the curtains from falling off.
  • You can use different sizes of rod. If you want to install lightweight curtain or across short a distance, you can use the slim rod. While for heavy curtains, you can use a thick rod.
  • Curtain rods are effective for short distance such as a single window or straight windows.
  • Since there must be a gap between the rod and the top of the curtain, it will be an entry point for light. However, you can set the height of the rod above the window.
  • For the bay window, you can get the rod metal bent according to the shape. You can even ask the supplier to join the rods and angled connectors for the requested shape.


  • More supporting brackets will be used by long rods, this might interfere with the running of the curtain.

Curtain Rails

Have a look at the pros and cons of rails.


  • The curtain rails are designed to be invisible. This is why it is available in metal and PVC.
  • A great thing about curtain rails is that it can be easily bent for getting the required shape. This makes it perfect for bay windows and other windows arrangements. The curtain will be able to run smoothly over the bends instead of abrupt ones.
  • A cord is attached to gears and pulleys for opening and closing the corded rails. It is useful for the curtains on a tall window. When you pull the curtain by hand, it will get jammed. It is an ideal type of rail for delicate fabric curtains.


  • You have to make sure the rail can withstand the weight of the curtain. This is why you cannot have heavy fabric curtains.

A Final Verdict

In the end, when deciding curtain rail or rod, it all comes down to you and your preference. If you want to add an aesthetic and appealing appeal to your space, you must go with a curtain rod. In case you want to install a curtain for the tall window, curtain rail is a better choice. When it comes to choosing quality curtain rods or rail, Holy is the name to rely on. We have a wide range of rods and rail that will add value to your room.

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